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Representation of representation of representation, etc.

The project "Le souper" was performed at the Contemporary Art Museum (Laurentides) last August 21st. The first aim of this project was a picture. The performance at the museum appeared to us as way to produce multiples simulacra of the work itself but also of other artists pieces in the museum. We performed it in front of its own projection, interfering the image with shadows. It was right after an exhibition on Adad Hannah who uses similar(but much more sophisticated) 3D and shadows interference in his work. Furthermore, his work itself refers to important pieces in art history; reinterpreting them into new mediums (digital photography and videos) Afterwards, it was re performed directly in the Betty Goodwin's exhibition, in front of the Shirt prints.

Le souper, 2008
Adad Hannah's website

Parentheses Landscapes

Parentheses effect a radical shift in a text, wich appears to be provisional. The relief of the parentheses sometimes takes place over the rest. In the margin and but essentials, they introduce a whole 'out of context' language.


This project is about appropriation/democratization of water.

I used bottles
and gave them a second life as shoulder pad in a garment. Water is a vital resource for every "body" on the planet.
A bottle(from whatever water company)

and body

Then, I was asked to make a set of 6 "derivative" illustrations.

Philadelphia museum of art

Those garments have been shown at the Philadelphia museum of art October 28 2009, during the International fashion competition of the Art of Fashion Foundation.

Polaroid: Marie-Michèle Bonneau

http://www.mariemicheleb.com/Skin pieces

Sharing thoughts

My current work is based on an excerpt of Invisible cities from novelist and philosopher Italo Calvino. It questions how human experience his surrounding. The relation between individual person and his immediate surrounding is complex, especially when experiencing our modern cities. The city became a multifaceted symbol of how interlace human rationality and uncontrollable elements, making it indeterminate, fragmented and unpredictable.

Each attempt leads to a new exception

in process



superplat, 2011
with Claudie Dusseault
Photo: Julia Marois


Those are the Superplat shoes that were worn in the show. The purpose was to create a shoe that is also an object; a sheet that got its own shape, its own "life" and that could hang as a non-functional object. Non-function generates the shape. It's made in different kind of leather, daim or fabrics and made by hand. The act of enveloping your feet reminds the way people used to envelop small object or precious books in leather sheet to carry them. The folding system is similar as the one I used in my garments.

It's a collaboration with object designer, Claudie Dusseault and exhibited May 11th at Centre de Design, UQÀM.


(new images coming)

Photo:Julia Marois
Model: Amelia(Dulcedo)




Everything has been temporarily removed from this blog.

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The show still goes on - Ying Gao

New interactive project "the show still goes on" that I worked on with Ying Gao, choreographer William Yong and lovely intern fashion designer Steven Tai.

"the show still goes on" - interactive dresses w micro camera from ying gao on Vimeo.

video: Marci Lana-Lopez, music : todor kobakov


Playtime video - Ying Gao

playtime from ying gao on Vimeo.

Those are two dresses I worked on for Ying Gao's project inspired by Jacques Tati's movie PlayTime(1967)."The possibility for the viewer to photograph or shoot the pieces on video is rendered difficult: the dresses will appear blurry in the recorded image. The first dress will appear blurry and the second dress, for example, will react to the flash of the camera, itself becoming a light source when a photo is taken." (Ying's website)

playtime from ying gao on Vimeo.





Awesome morning

Beautiful monotony


link PDF



Défilé 2011

watch the show video here

Photographe: Sebastien Roy
Design graphique: Charmand et Courtois



Années en mode en cahiers

...working on a printed portfolio.


Trench mutation

Photo: Dominique Lafond
Mannequin: Elisabeth(Folio)



Photo: Dominique Lafond
Mannequin: Elisabeth(Folio)


Winter - working with Ying and Karl

Post-Vernissage show Feb 7th showed how the versatility of a single garment could be turned into a range of possibilities. The show was curated by TrusstClub.

Photo: Vincenzo D'Alto via Bureau de la mode de Montréal